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Wash Post catches Ken Mehlman lying

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See Ken lie. Lie, Ken, lie.

Media, do not let Mehlman and other Republicans run off at the mouth lying to you, then simply regurgitate what he tells you - or on TV, just let him tell his lies unchallenged. It's happening far too often - Mehlman says "Rove never leaked" and you guys just sit there and take it, when you know damn well that Rove's own lawyer said that Rove leaked. Don't let Mehlman just lie.

Mehlman's other lie was caught today by Howard Kurtz in the Wash Post, to Howie's credit.

Part of the Republican defense, as expressed by Mehlman on NBC, is that Rove didn't know Plame's name or that she was a covert operative. Mehlman cited a New York Times report that, in his words, "says Karl Rove was not Bob Novak's source, that Novak told Rove, not the other way around . . . This information at least came to Mr. Rove from journalists, not from a classified source."

But the article said that when syndicated columnist Robert Novak, who was the first to report Plame's name and CIA job in July 2003, mentioned her, Rove replied he had "heard that too," indicating Rove had already obtained the information elsewhere.
Two points for Kurtz. But far too many TV shows over the past few days have let Mehlman lie about both of these issues when the facts are ALREADY established.

This administration has lied to the media for two years. They claimed Libby and Rove had nothing to do with the leak, and they did. The administration outright LIED to the media and now they're lying again. The media can't do anything about the first, but they certainly can do something about the current crop. Kurtz's article is a good start.

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