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Today Show Let Newt Defend Rove

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So, Newt was on the Today Show with the most convoluted defense of Karl Rove. Those GOPers are all on their talking points now....Karl didn't say her name....Wilson was the liar....Karl is being smeared.

Give me a break. First, so much of what Newtie said was wrong. And, I know you'll find this hard to believe, but Katie didn't really have the info. to challenge him. Also, there was, of course, NO ONE representing the other side.

I want to see some of the former CIA agents debate Newt Gingrich and Ken Mehlman. Let them explain to agents why Karl's actions are okay. If you want to know what an agent thinks, check out former CIA agent Larry Johnson's post over at the TPM Cafe:

The misinformation being spread in the media about the Plame affair is alarming and damaging to the longterm security interests of the United States. Republicans' talking points are trying to savage Joe Wilson and, by implication, his wife, Valerie Plame as liars. That is the truly big lie.

For starters, Valerie Plame was an undercover operations officer until outed in the press by Robert Novak. Novak's column was not an isolated attack. It was in fact part of a coordinated, orchestrated smear that we now know includes at least Karl Rove.
Powerful considering the source. But, don't be surprised if the GOP starts bashing the CIA agents who put their lives on the line.

Love the GOP, Rove is the victim even though he put the lives of Plame and other agents in danger....and further undermined national security.

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