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Scottish photo blogging - more G8 protests, and Bobbies (mmm...)

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Another day, another protest outside my hotel. This was one was, unexpectedly, rather small. Only 1,000 people, max. And they're only allowing around 5,000 to protest at Gleneeagles, the site of the summit, so I have no clue where the other 194,000 or so expected protesters have gone. Hmm... Perhaps there's a free Benny Hill festival I don't know about.

Anyway, I spent several hours trailing the protest, talking to some protesters, cops and others. So figured I'd post my latest G8 travelogue...

Even more crowds.

Protester being interviewed.

Enter, the Bobbies!

The Bobbies were trying to look intimidating.

And intimidating...

Then REALLY trying to look intimidating.

But then it hit me.

The Bobbies were kind of hot.

And even kind of cute.

I'd dare say, REALLY cute.

And some were even downright hot.

Is that a baton on your Bobby?

Bosom Bobbies (ok, not really Bobbies, but it was a pretty cute scene).

Probably not as big a Bobby fan as me.

Definitely not as big a Bobby fan as me.

That's because he was seconds away from being arrested for keeping his face covered 100% by a scarf, and then refusing to remove the scarf when asked nicely to do so... See the video here (1.9 megs).arrest1.mpg

Man, this has totally deteriorated into Bobby Blogging. Ah, what the heck - after posting hot pics of Natalie Imbruglia and Melissa Fitzgerald, it was time we visited the boys.

You can watch a few more videos of the protests here:


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