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No adventures yet

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No more adventures, yet. Another gorgeous day - sunny, with some clouds, a bit of drizzle, then chilly, then a bit warmer. I guess that's typical of here. Went to a talk this morning, which was actually a bit of a yawner. Lots of good intentions, but I don't really need to be lectured at about how the 3d world's debt is all our fault because we were worried about the Cold War and therefore sucked up to bad countries. I mean, yes, that's true, to a degree, but the Cold War was real and I'm glad we won it, and it's not like those countries are any better today than they were, in terms of corruption, or not by much. Among some of the folks here is the feeling that developing countries don't share the blame for their predicament. I don't agree, and I don't find that healthy.

Anyway, the sound of bagpipes out my window (seriously) tell me it's time to grab lunch, see a castle and hit some more conferences and exhibits surrounding Live 8. More later.


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