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Mehlman speaks on CNN about Rove

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I'm paraphrasing Mehlman live...

Mehlman: Has stated that he's not the leaker.
What?! Mehlman just said Rove wasn't the leaker?!!!
I know he's fully cooperated with this investigation.... So unfortunate, Hillary, Kerry, Dean would follow the angry left... Looking at those emails what I saw was Karl Rove discouraging Matthew Cooper from filing a story that was wrong.

Wolf: Is there any evidence Niger was sending enriched uranium to Iraq?

Wolf: Were there meetings on what to do involving Joe Wilson, how to deal with this problem after he wrote that op ed?

Mehlman: I don't recall those meetings occuring.

Wolf: Were you called before a grand jury?

Mehlman: I'm not going to comment. A political smear has occured.

Wolf: Why can't you tell us if you were asked to testify?

Mehlman: I don't think it's appropriate.... We know that Karl Rove said a year ago that any reporter he's talk to should cooperate with the prosecutor.

Wolf: Did you give a waiver to any reporters you've talked to?

Mehlman: I don't recall.... The issue here is that there's been full compliance by Karl Rove and the White House... Karl did not leak classified information, he did not leak the name of anybody.

I'm not going to prejudge. I think it's unfortunate... partisan smear campaign.
Huh, well, here's a question: If Karl Rove is fully complying then why does the president have to wait for the investigation to be over for him to know if Karl was the leaker? Can't he just ask him? Why did we spend all this money on an investigation while Karl Rove and Scott McClellan lied? The White House calls THAT full cooperation?

And where does Mehlman get off saying Rove wasn't the leaker? That's just an outright lie, per Rove's own lawyer.

More from CNN with Mehlman:
Wolf: (Plays tape of McClellan saying leaker would be fired.) Does that statement still hold?

Have you had any conversations with the White House about Karl Rove?

I'm not going to comment on a pending investigation.
Gee, is that why you issued a press release commenting about the investigation today, Ken?

Now Mehlman is talking about pre-judging the situation. Funny, was Rove's lawyer pre-judging the situation by admitting Rove's guilt? What about when McClellan pre-judged the situation by denying that Rove had any involvement, I believe the word was "ridiculous."

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