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John G. Roberts: Partisan hack

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The more I read and the more I hear about Bush's Supreme Court nominee, the more this guy sounds like a partisan hack. His experience is in politics, partisan politics, it's not being a judge. Hell, he's only been a judge for 2 years. That's hardly the kind of experience that prepares you to be a Supreme Court justice. What Roberts has experience in is being a partisan political operative, the very thing you don't want on the Supreme Court.

Roberts donated to Bush's election, and Bush seems to be treating the Supreme Court like it's France - a plum assignment for your buddy who helped you out in the last campaign. The Supreme Court isn't France, and being a Supreme Court justice is a bit more important than being an ambassador. I'm just not sure Bush gets the difference.

Anyway, that's my initial take.

MyDD has also picked up on the partisan hack angle.

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