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It's irrelevant if Karl Rove broke that one particular law

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Regardless of whether Rove broke that one law regarding "knowingly" outing undercover CIA operatives, there's a damn good argument to be made that he be investigated for possibly committing treason by intentionally undermining a CIA agent working on WMD counterespionage in the midst of a war hinging on that very issue, WMD. And to make matters worse, he did it for personal/professional gain, not for altruistic "God and country" reasons.

Second issue, why does he still have a security clearance? I've worked with CIA agents in several of my past jobs, and lesson one is that you don't tell anyone they work for CIA. I'd like to know if the Secret Service and/or FBI and/or CIA has investigated whether his clearance needs to be yanked. A related issue, is a covert CIA agent's identity classified information? Once upon a time, even the name of certain top-level security clearances were classified. I wonder if the identity of undercover agents is classified. If it is, then that entails other law-breaking, and again, jeopardizes his clearance. You'd also consider yanking his clearance if there were some executive order, government regulation, etc. against outing CIA agents, whether or not there were a legal penalty involved.

Third issue, did Rove's leak, and the ensuing risk that leak may have posed to CIA assets worldwide, in any way help those who perpetrated the London bombings last week?

Fourth issue, related to the third, has anyone investigated just what damage Rove's leak has caused US national security, what asset it in fact has jeopardized abroad, etc? I would think this would be the first order of business from CIA and FBI. Perhaps someone needs to put an appropriations line item requiring such a study.

Rove himself put all of this at issue when he accused Democrats of undermining our troops and the war on terror just a few weeks ago (in fact, Rove said that Democrats WANTED to get our troops killed). Rove put that issue into play, and the White House, Ken Mehlman and the entire Republican party stood behind him. They want to talk about who is and isn't committing treason, then let's talk about it.

Did Karl Rove commit treason? A nation at war deserves to know.

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