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I survived my first violent G8 protest

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Good God that was a bit much. I went for a walk after going to my hotel in Edinburgh and cleaning up a little, the riot police were everywhere - apparently our hotel is on the main boulevard (really really really beautiful city), and anyway, we're in the spot of town where the rowdy thugs like to protest. Well, long story short, someone apparently hit a cop in the head with a brick, so our entire two streets I was on were cordoned off for an hour, the riot police slowly moved in on us, I was huddled with the safest looking people I could find, a cute older couple from Edinburgh out on a week and Peruvian guy here on vacation. After an hour, they finally let us go - there were easily 100+ people trapped/detained, and they slowly let us out, 3 at a time, made us stop, and then photographed us, every single one. As much as I understand where the cops are coming from, and they were quite friendly considering, the hour detention of over a hundred innocent civilians and the photographing each and every one before they let us go, struck me as a bit odd. I was wondering about the legality of that.

Anyway, sure did get lots of fun photos, videos, and sound. Posting in subsequent posts.

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