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Dem hearing on Rove is interesting

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Perhaps the most interesting comment has been from a former CIA officer who was in, I believe, the same class as Valerie Plame. He didn't even initially realize Novak's article and the ensuing scandal was about Valerie Plame because he only knew her as Valerie P. As a rule, they were told, even inside the CIA, to NEVER use their last names, only use the first initial. So even HE never knew her name and he WORKED with her INSIDE THE CIA.

Now tell me that leaking the name of a CIA agent is, as President Bush obviously believes, no big deal unless it's brings a criminal indictment.

George Bush now knows the facts and doesn't give a damn. He should be impeached for jeopardizing our national security during war time, and any Senator or Congressman who defends this leak should be jailed for treason. We're at war. The Republicans want to talk about which party is more patriotic? Fine, let's talk about it. Patriots don't harbor traitors in war time.

Why does George Bush and the Republican party hate America?

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