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Bush To Far Right: Shhhhhh About Our Agenda!

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Bush is urging the far right to tone down the heated rhetoric about the opening on the Supreme Court. And stop mentioning all those hot button issues like abortion and equal rights for gays and government-sponsored religion.

Why? Because Bush wants to play nice? No. Because Bush doesn't agree with their agenda? Nope again. It's because Bush wholeheartedly agrees with their fringe, far right agenda and he knows most Americans don't.

Most Americans believe in a woman's right to choose. Most Americans don't believe someone should be fired from their jobs or be denied housing or kept away from their loved ones dying bedside simply because they're gay. Most Americans are uncomfortable with the government raising one particular religion -- say, oh, I don't know, fundamentalist Christianity -- high above all others. Most Americans want the government to stay out of their private lives and not take away their right to make end-of-life decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Most Americans believe in reasonable gun control. And on and on.

Bush doesn't. The far right doesn't. And they want to put someone on the Supreme Court who is WAY out of the mainstream of judicial thought on all these issues. Someone like Robert Bork, who recently said people imagined he would have overturned Roe v. Wade. And you know what, he said? They were right.

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