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Anyone feel a draft? My new RADAR article is up

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...Even more to the point, although the Bush administration may be promising publicly that there will be no draft, privately they’ve been planning one for more than a year. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported last year that the Selective Service secretly asked for the authority to increase the draft age to 34 and to include women. (Mind you, they suddenly need this added authority for a draft they assure us will never occur.)

But it won’t be enough to just draft a bunch of grunts. The Post-Intelligencer also reported that “Selective Service planning for a possible draft of linguists and computer experts began last fall after Pentagon personnel officials said the military needed more people with skills in those areas.” And the New York Times reported that in 2004 that the Selective Service updated its contingency plans for a draft of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers and paid an outside consultant to figure out how to implement such a draft and how to sell it to the public.

That sure is a lot of prep work for something no one’s considering doing.

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