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Who's attacking Dick Durbin? A closer look

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I just got a series of emails from a guy running an online petition demanding that Durbin resign, he wanted me to link to his petition (I am not posting the link to his petition). When I wote him back to ask why a liberal blogger would want to help him hurt attack Durbin, I got a series of email in return that only so well demonstrate what the GOP has turned our country into:

First, here's what he sent me:

Can you please post a link to this petition to dump Dick Durbin? We have almost 200 signatures already. With your help, we can get to 1000 in no time at all.
Here's how I responded:
Why in God's name do you think I'd sign on to that? I'm a liberal blogger. It's outrageous what we're doing in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib and elsewhere.
Then he wrote me this:
Just be grateful that you are not Nick Berg. He didnt get filet mignon and a free torah before they sliced his head off for Al-Jezeera audiences throughout the middle-east. Im sure that he would have loved to be a prisoner in Gitmo rather than dead like he is now. If you need a reminder of who Nick Berg was, and what happened to him go to And, if you have the stomach for it watch the video of Nick Berg getting his head sliced off while his captors praise ALLAH. Dick Durbin is a LIBERAL IDIOT - probably a lot like you John. Keep supporting Durbin and the DNC, and you will be facing MECCAH 5 times a day that is if they let you keep your head! Happy Blogging John!
So I wrote him this:
Have fun, little child.
Then I got this from him:
Hey John,

Did you watch the video of Nick Berg getting his head cut-off by your terrorist buddies, or are you too scared to watch it?

Nick Berg didn’t have Dick Durbin coming to his defense on the floor of the senate. Nick Berg didn’t have people like you and the ACLU fighting for his rights while they sliced his head off and chanted to ALLAH! Go ahead! I dare you! Watch the video of Nick Berg’s execution! I dare you to watch it! You probably do not have the guts! Watch the video and then get back to me!

Happy blogging,

Yes, well at least one of us is proud that you're a US CITIZEN.

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