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Which Senators wouldn't support the anti-lynching measure?

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The NY Times wants to know, too:

Although the Senate garnered praise on Monday for acting to erase that stain, some critics said lawmakers had a long way to go. Of the 100 senators, 80 were co-sponsors of the resolution, and because it passed by voice vote, senators escaped putting themselves on record.

"It's a statement in itself that there aren't 100 co-sponsors," Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, said. "It's a statement in itself that there's not an up-or-down vote."
Thomas, which is a legislative service of the Library of Congress, lists the sponsors of SR 39. They have 60 named...others probably joined on in the past couple days. Thomas is usually a day or two behind. We'll keep checking.

Think about this one. In the year 2005, Senators would not go on record issuing an apology for lynching. If there weren't so many gay bashers and advocates of using violence against judges on Capitol Hill, that might be a surprise.

But, they should have the gonads to publicize their positions instead of hiding behind a voice vote. And the press shouldn't let them off the hook on this one.

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