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Time to stop using The president is a pro-Bush, pro-Gitmo, wingnut

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This is actually very sad. I love It's a service for registering and hosting Web site, and is incredibly cheap and easy to use. I've used it for years, and have tons of names registered with them. I will sincerely start looking for who else offers a cheap and well-run domain hosting service now.

Their president is, well, a right-wing nut. (This is Parson's original post, that's a bit harsher and attacks Senator Durbin a LOT more, he's subsequently edited it back). And worse yet, the company Web site links to his blog, and his blog has the company logo on the top of it. That is not somebody's "personal" blog when you use your company, a company I give money to, to help direct traffic to this man's uber-right-wing vitriol.

This really is sad. It was such a great company.

Can anyone recommend cheap and good domain hosting services that are comparable? is one big expensive rip off, and 4 times the price. Anybody else do domain name registration for $9 a year?

Spread the word, is run by a loud-mouthed pro-Bush clone who is using his company to promote a pro-Bush message and attack Democrats.

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