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Republican Party: Never Forgive, Never Forget

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Remember "Postcards From Buster," the innocuous show on PBS that Republicans treated as if it were beaming softcore porn into our children's minds? The lovely Republican head of the Dept. of Education belittled gay and lesbian families and sent out the message to young schoolchildren that they should be ashamed of their parents. When everyone finally got a look at the episode in question, it was so banal that even the NY Post ran a review saying "What's the big deal?"

Thought the story was over? No way. A small item in the NY Post on 6/13 says federal funding for the group that makes it was cut late Friday night. $23.3 million for PBS's Ready To Learn (a cooperative program between PBS and the Dept. of Education) was cut by a House appropriations committee. Never forgive; never forget.

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