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Now Jeb Bush considering prosecuting Terri Schiavo's husband

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Yes, the religious right hate group's best buddy in Florida is now talking about having a state's attorney investigate her husband Michael to see if, as the loony-tunes parents claim (you remember them? the father said that with therapy Terri would be a functioning member of society), Michael refused to call 911 for a good hour after Terri collapsed in - when was it? - 19 friggin 90! Love to know how they're going to investigate that one.

Well, we now know the parents were wrong about her persistent vegitative state. Wrong about her "seeing" and "recognizing" them. And that Terri Schiavo's brain had pretty much turned into nothing. So now that they were wrong about everything else, let's harass the husband with the state's attorney. What is this, Nazi Germany Cuba? (Is Cuba at least PC?)

The religious right is seeking its revenge for a coronor's report that showed they're a bunch of nutjobs.

PS And while we're at it, I'll be Michael Schiavo was behind this too.

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