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It's official. Right-wing smear and lie campaign in full swing against Sen. Durbin

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It's official now. What I warned about a few hours ago is now coming true. The far-right slime machine is going whole hog on Senator Durbin for, oh my, telling the truth about the deplorable things we have done to prisoners in Gitmo, in violation of every concept of decency our country once stood for.

Apparently, the Republicans who dominate the party today, on the radio, online, and in the halls of Congress, think that the only good American is a Stalinist, a Nazi, a fascist, or any other brand of totalitarian thug who beats the crap out of innocents because he can, because we're Amurrikans, God damn it, and if we want to throw you in jail for an eternity, with no lawyer and no charges, and torture you until your head explodes and you go absolutely insane, that's our right because, well, because FUCK YOU.

That's the thinking and the mantra of today's brand of Republicans who run the party and run the right-wing noise machine. The law is irrelevant, the norms of humanity are irrelevant. With God on our side - well, the Baptist fundamentalist God on our side, thank you - they can do no wrong.

The irony is, under the form of totalitarian lawless government these right-wing extremists would wish us have, many of them would be the first to disappear.

Atrios has more. Read it. It's sickening. Senator Durbin deserves the Nobel Prize for what he said. And to some degree, he deserves absolutely nothing. All he did was speak the truth. Have we become so debased as a nation that the simple truth is worth of either a prize or condemnation?

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