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In Ohio, the GOP Coin-gate investigations ramp up

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Toledo Blade has the details, of course.

The Blade also has Howard Dean telling Bush to return Tom Noe's tainted money:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean yesterday charged President Bush with using money during last year's campaign that was "tainted" by Toledo-area coin dealer Tom Noe, who is being investigated for allegedly misappropriating millions of dollars in Ohio money.

The prominent Republican gained a special "pioneer" fund-raising status during Mr. Bush's re-election campaign last year because he helped collect $100,000 to $250,000 for the President. But now, Mr. Noe, who has received $50 million from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation since 1998 to invest in rare coins, could be facing civil and criminal charges for allegedly misappropriating at least $10 million of the state's money.

"Tom Noe's name has been added to the growing list of big-time contributors to President Bush's re-election campaign being investigated for criminal wrongdoing," Mr. Dean said in a statement released yesterday to The Blade.

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