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I'm going to Scotland to cover Live 8 and the G-8 summit

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Wow. I just got picked to be one of the bloggers covering the Live 8 related events at the G-8 Summit in Scotland next week, and to cover the Summit itself. Wow. I'm still a bit blown away by all of this.

Joe Trippi, of Dean campaign fame, has been working with David Sifry of and John Hinderaker over at Powerline on a non-partisan effort to help Live 8's mission of "Making Poverty History." They recently solicited bloggers from the left and right interested in covering the events next week live in Scotland, so I put my name in, not exactly on a lark, but not exactly expecting to get it. Well, I got.

We'll be leaving for Scotland on Sunday from New York on the Live 8 plane, flight covered and hopefully accommodations too, then coming back on Thursday. I have to pay my transportation back and forth from DC to NYC, but hey, I'm not complaining.

I'm waiting for more details now, but wow. Now I need to go find me a digital voice recorder... :-)

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