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Hallelujah, he's been CURED!

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The latest on the 54 year old GOP mayor of Spokane who enjoys the company of teenage man-boys.

Spokane Mayor Jim West said he's found a new relationship with God and has redoubled his effort to manage the city in a new e-mail made public on Friday.
Wonder if he met "God" in a chatroom.
I've decided to fill the emptiness in my life that I was trying to fill through other means with a relationship with God. I'm reading a proverb and three psalms a day and am attending church on a regular basis for the first time in my life and it's been wonderful and I've felt very welcomed. I also meet weekly with a few pastors and they are very supportive.
Oh, I'm sorry, that's very nice and all, but gag me. This man has yet to come clean with what he's done, and we're to believe he's a-okay because he just found God.
"My private life is my private life," he said on Friday.
Uh, no it's not. You didn't think OUR private life was so private when you tried to repeatedly legislate against it, including supporting legislation to fire gay state employees. Funny, but OUR private life wasn't so private to you back then. But now that everyone knows you're a fag too, suddenly you're Mr. Private Life King of the World. Well, bite me.

I for one would like to know why something you've been publicly legislating against for decades is now suddenly someone's "private life" that is no one's business? And, if you thought gays weren't fit to be state employees, why is one fit to be a city employee of Spokane? Answer the question. And note to Spokane press: ASK the question.

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