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GOP: No pro-choice women need apply to our party

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This is a new low, folks. And it's a sign that the religious right's intolerance, venom, hubris and hate is reaching new and unpredented levels.

They are now, via their GOP minions in the US Senate, filibustering the appointment of Julie Finley to be Bush's ambassador to the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) simply because she's pro-choice. That's it. No other problem. The woman is pro-choice, so, as the Washington Post notes, in the eyes of the Taliban wing of the GOP she's not qualified to deal with issues like Chechneya, Turkey's entry to the EU, and other European integration and security issues.

She's not qualified for a job as a diplomat because she's pro-choice.

Now let's just look at how loyal a Republican this woman has been:

Julie Finley, a native of Illinois and longtime resident of Washington, D.C., serves in several capacities within political and community organizations both nationally and locally. Since 1997, she has served as Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee's major fundraising arm, Team 100. She is currently serving as National Committee Woman for the DC Republican Committee.

Mrs. Finley has supported Republican candidates at all levels. She served as National Co-Chairman of Finance for Dole for President in 1995-96, in addition to serving as Deputy Chairman of the Republican Party's Victory '96 Committee. In addition to being a Dole-Kemp delegate, Mrs. Finley served as Assistant Secretary of the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego, as well as on the Platform and Arrangements Committees. She was the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Security. In 1992, Mrs. Finley served as a Bush-Quayle delegate to the Republican National Convention in Houston. She has hosted numerous fundraisers for candidates from across the country.
We are now at the point in America where pro-choice women are no longer welcome in the Republican party. Think about that, and remember it.

More on this from MyDD.

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