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Finally time for an open thread

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Man what a busy day.

I just realized the NY Daily News has a great piece on Mary Carey today. Note this paragraph:

But some Christian evangelicals demanded an explanation.

"I've sent three E-mails to [GOP Chairman] Ken Mehlman saying, 'Hey, give us some kind of explanation here,'" said the Rev. Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association. "I think I'd be more interested in getting votes, rather than raising money."
Gee, Don. You mean GOP chair Ken Mehlman went limp on sexually-oriented family values issues? Gosh, now, I wonder why that was? I've been asking for months if Ken was going to be a fifth-columnist and end up being a bit light in his loafers in his support for the family values agenda. And what do you know, he appears to not be too concerned about porn stars dining with the president. Not to mention, you didn't hear the White House too worried about a $1200 a weekend man-whore asking questions of the president either.

Now if we can just get the Republicans to like the rest of us.

PS Kyle is still working on the video and the audio from the press conference. It will be up shortly.

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