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Family Research Council urges Africans to starve rather than accept money from pro-gay churches

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What Tony "$82,000 to David Duke" Perkins of the Family Research Council conveniently doesn't tell folks is that some of the money these African churches are refusing to accept are money for people with AIDS and more.

People are literally STARVING over there according to the Washington Times of all sources, and the religious right is LAUDING them for turning down help from churches who have elected a gay man as bishop. I'm sure the parents and children who die as a result of this will be proud of Tony Perkins and the FRC for worrying more about the anti-gay agenda than a person starving to death. And note what the churches over there say about how America's religious right has let them down.

Who would Jesus starve, Tony?

CAPTION: Murambi, Rwanda. Children belonging to the Hutu tribe standing outside a barbed wire enclosed Displaced Persons (DP) compound. Some are wearing plastic bags as protection against the regular cold rain. They frequently congregated to beg food from the United Nations (UN) forces. AWM P02211.014.

First, this from the Washington Times:

Anglican bishops in Africa who are refusing millions of dollars from liberal AmericanEpiscopal sources to protest homosexual clergy say the price of their protest has been higher than they thought.

"To be honest, there is not enough money for the needs we have in Rwanda after the [1994] genocide," said Rwandan Bishop John Rucyahana of the Diocese of Shyira, "but if money is being used to disgrace the Gospel, then we don't need it."

The Rev. Alison Barfoot, assistant to the Anglican archbishop of Uganda, said the Anglican province has no working phones in its Kampala headquarters because it lacks the funds. Conservative American churches haven't pitched in enough -- "definitely not to the extent of what we've given up," she said....

Bill Atwood, general secretary of Ekklesia Society, an international Anglican network, just returned from a tour of Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda and called the lack of money for Africans "scandalous."

"I just met with some archbishops a week ago," he said, "They were saying how painful it was, with people starving to death to make these choices."

Still, the Anglican Province of Uganda is refusing grants from any pro-Robinson diocese and the New York-based ERD. Although it accepted $30,000 from Trinity Episcopal in February for a women's credit union, it turned down assistance from the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan for school fees for 60 girls.

In March, Bishop Jackson Nzerebende of Uganda's South Rwenzori Diocese cut ties with the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, which had donated more than $65,000 for school fees, transportation, college tuition and an AIDS program. Then, last month, the Ugandan province rejected a $27,000 donation from the New Hampshire Diocese to improve local schools.

Central Pennsylvania Bishop Michael F. Creighton called Bishop Nzerebende's decision "a Good Friday nail in the compassion of Christ."

"Our consent to the election of a bishop in New Hampshire appears to be more important than the compassionate ministry we have shown with his own people," he said, "who are struggling with and dying of AIDS."
And now Tony "David Duke's enabler" Perkins praising these assholes:
Anglican bishops in Africa are refusing millions of dollars from American Episcopal Church donors who have endorsed active homosexual clergy following the 2003 election of openly homosexual New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson. Refusing these "pieces of silver" from liberal American sources has put an especially heavy burden on the Rwandan dioceses, still trying to recuperate from the after-effects of the 1994 genocide in that country. However, as Rwandan Bishop John Rucyahana of the Diocese of Shyira put it, "if money is being used to disgrace the Gospel, then we don't need it.".... I applaud the actions of the African Anglican churches. No amount of silver is worth sacrificing your duty to your congregation and to God...
So that duty to God and congregation has nothing to do with innocent men, women and children starving to death, you asshole? These people just had a genocide based on prejudice and bigotry. Good God, does no one learn any lessons of history?

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