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Durbin apologizes. Meanwhile, Mayor Daley is an idiot

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Well we can add Chicago Mayor Daley to the list of spineless Democrats.

According to AP, Senator Durbin has apologized for criticizing the horrible violation of human rights being committed by the Bush Administration at Guantanamo Bay. Durbin specifically read a horrific report of the conditions at Gitmo, and said it sounded as if he was reading a report about a Soviet Gulag, Pol Pot, or a Stalin prison camp. And Durbin was right. The report did sound like something you'd expect from a despot, rather than a beacon of Democracy.

But in America, Democracy is dead. Freedom is dead. The far-right now controls the Republican party and the White House. America is free to do whatever it wants in the world and at home, and that includes crimes, torture, and any violation of domestic or international law. Why? Because if you complain about it, President Joseph McCarthy Bush and his minions on FOX TV and the US Congress will shut you the hell up so fast, your career will spin.

For any of you real Republicans and conservatives left out there. You ought to be very afraid now that America stands for the idea that our government can do no wrong and knows no bounds. Some day that government will turn its eyes towards you.

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