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Bush sending troops to die without safe vehicles

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When Karl Rove accused liberals of wanting troops to die, he was accusing others of doing what his boss has allowed. The New York Times just posted another long investigative article about how ill-prepared our troops on the ground are in Iraq. This time, it's still, yes still, the lack of armored vehicles:

Yet more than two years into the war, efforts by United States military units to obtain large numbers of these stronger vehicles for soldiers have faltered - even as the Pentagon's program to armor Humvees continues to be plagued by delays, an examination by The New York Times has found.

Many of the problems stem from a 40-year-old procurement system that cannot acquire new equipment quickly enough to adapt to the changing demands of a modern insurgency, interviews and records show.
That's right, the Humvees still aren't protected. That's just sick. The Bush Administration is sending people to die.

And, Karl Rove has the audacity to accuse us of being unpatriotic and motivated to have our troops to die. Great strategy to accuse us of exactly what the Bush/Cheney team is doing. This is just criminal.

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