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Bush and the theocrats REALLY want your porn

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Came across this tidbit via Think Progress. After a fun week with Mary Carey, the Bush administration is planning a big porn crackdown, we learn via Tony Perkins:

I just met with Attorney General Gonzales and right now he is launching a major effort to prosecute the porn industry. He intends to smash these criminal enterprises on the Internet and elsewhere with a special new obscenity strike force. That is the only way to handle hardcore pornographers!
Bush and people like Perkins are OBSESSED with sex. Just obsessed with it. I wonder if Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Paul Weyrich and Karl Rove are going to be on the "obscenity strike force"?

However one feels about porn, most of it comes right in to the home now (I hear). So, the Bush/theocrats team are going to start invading the privacy of your home through your computer. Scary, huh? This is going to really affect a lot of those red state white guys....Bush wants your porn, fellas. And, he is going to start prosecuting.

The theocrats are all about taking away privacy rights: a woman's right to choose, contraception, sodomy, porn. It's all about sex. Their sex obsession is just out of control...and it affects all of our privacy on so many levels.

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