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We Won :-) DOD removes anti-Muslim tank from Marines' Web site

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Ok, that's two wins today (we broke the story on the tank here last Sunday). Also, the Washington Times reported on it this morning, which I'm sure is why the DOD finally freaked out. Wonder what Pat Robertson thinks - his little George Bush didn't want to offend the Muslims...

Here's what the link to the tank page on the Marine Corps site gets you now.

Yeah, you need to apologize for more than the inconvenience.

From the Moonie paper:

"New Testament": It's a mighty name for a 70-ton battle tank.
The biblical words are neatly printed on the main gun of an M1A1 Abrams tank rolling along somewhere near Haditha, Iraq. To the Marines of the 4th Tank Battalion, "New Testament" is a fierce beacon and impervious to insurgent mortar fire.
But some critics grumble that an official photo of the tank accompanies a Marine Corps press release about the company's mission with a caption that reads, "The 'New Testament' ... prepares to lead the way during a recent mission." The name of the tank is not mentioned in the story.
This is what WAS on DOD's site:

See better pics here.

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