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Tony Perkins: It is about the Theocracy

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The President of the Family Research Council has a bizzaro op-ed in today's Washington Post called "It is about Religious Belief." You can read it if you get a second, but it's not really for the real world. Tony Perkins, who makes some kind of religious persecution argument against Democrats, has an audience of Bill Frist and the other GOP Senators, especially the ones who, like Frist, want to be President. He uses a lot of words for his simple message: The filibuster debate is the theocrats debate.

Perkins confirms that the judicial debate IS about installing theocrats. It's actually farcical to read his piece if you aren't a theocrat or Bill Frist. He is outraged that judicial nominees are asked tough questions about relevant issues. If you do that, in Perkin's world, you are anti-religion....everything to the extreme with these right wingers. Love his conclusion:

In their zeal to preserve an imperial judiciary, liberals have taken abuse of the confirmation process to a new low. The way out is to vote on each nominee on his or her merits.
Huh? Doesn't make sense to us regular folk, but we aren't Tony's audience. Bill Frist is. Just one more reminder they are holding him responsible and telling him not to compromise with the heathens.

Running a theocracy is hard work. Clashes with democracy.

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