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Robertson, Sheldon: Muslim-Americans not fit for higher office in America

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Pat Robertson and Lou Sheldon says that Muslims-Americans are not fit for higher office in America.

Appearing on ABC's "This Week," Robertson ? who founded the Christian Coalition ? also said he would be wary of appointing Muslims to top positions in the U.S. government, including judgeships.

His comments on Islam drew a heated response from Muslim leaders, who criticized them as racist and inaccurate.

Another conservative Christian leader, the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, was more cautious in an interview about embracing Giuliani as a presidential candidate, but said he was inclined to agree with Robertson's view of Islam.
See the video at Crooks and Liars.

Again, this is Nazi Germany territory. I called it several years ago. Said that first it was the gays, but other groups would next become the targets of the religious right. We yet again have a perfect opportunity for our liberal non-profits to jump in. Robertson and Sheldon just made themselves instant pariahs - no politician should ever meet, talk to, or do anything with any organization that has anything to do with either of these two ever again.

Will the lefty organizations take advantage of this golden opportunity to finally destroy Robertson and Sheldon? Don't hold your breath. This is about more than just press releases, this is an action campaign now. Demanding an apology. Demanding Bush and any politician who's dealt with these men publicly distance themselves from them. Demand that Bush and all politicians reiterate their support for Muslim-Americans. Hell, I'd create a tolerance pledge that politicians are asked to sign that they will not discriminate in hiring and firing of Muslim-Americans.

There are tons of things the civil rights groups and fight-the-right groups could do.

But will they? Ha.

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