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Okay, this is a bizarre story from Saturday's Times Leader, the paper for Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania involving Republican Congressman Don Sherwood, married Republican Congressman Don Sherwood, in fact, according to his official web site, he's been married for 33 years. The title of the article is "Sherwood denies choking woman":

Police responded to the Washington, D.C., apartment of U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood seven months ago after a woman who was visiting called 911 and reported he choked her.

Sherwood, R-Tunkhannock, says he was falsely accused. He pointed to a police report that stated the woman backed off the claim. He also said he’s the victim of a political smear.

No one has been charged in what the police termed a domestic incident.

“Both parties have left out significant information or are not willing to discuss in detail what actually happened,” Washington Metropolitan Police stated in the incident report.

Cynthia Ore, 29, of Rockville, Md. locked herself in a bathroom and called 911 from her cell phone on the afternoon of Sept. 15, saying Sherwood “choked her for no apparent reason” while giving her a backrub in his apartment on D Street, according to a police report.

Sherwood, 64, told police he was giving Ore a backrub when she “jumped up” and ran to the bathroom, the report stated.
Well, well, well. True, no charges were pressed. Congressman Sherwood claims he was the victim of a political smear.

Now, some might question why the 64 year old married Congressman was alone in his apartment giving a back rub to his 29 year old friend. So, what's a little back rub between friends?

These are GOP Family Values in action. Sherwood is a defender of marriage. He voted for the constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of marriage.

A couple other tidbits from the article:
Ore said she was supposed to meet Sherwood at the apartment that day but was late. That upset Sherwood, she said.

Sherwood disputes her version of what happened.

Sherwood, who is married, called Ore “an acquaintance” but wouldn’t say why she was in his apartment.

“Did I call her there, no. You meet lots of people in Washington and I had known her casually,” Sherwood said. He could not recall how long ago they met.
and, I love this one:
Ore said she met Sherwood at a Young Republicans meeting in 1999 and has had an ongoing relationship with him. Sherwood would not get into specifics about the relationship.
That means, if my math is correct, when they met, he was 58 and she was 23. Okay, does the word "hypocrite" come to mind?

I am sick and tired of sanctimonious Republicans trashing gay relationships when, well, kinda looks like they have some troubles with their own. Can't wait to see the outrage from James Dobson and Tony Perkins.

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