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Ok, there's a deal. What does it mean?

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Still sorting through what details are available. We do know this. The filibuster least for the time being.

And, there was a compromise.

Today, George Bush told the Senate he wanted all of his nominees to get an up or down vote. Today, the US Senate said no to that.

The right wing, from Weyrich to Perkins and Dobson all said, no compromise. Well, there is a compromise. They did not prevail for a change. GOP Senators actually stood up to the theocrats.

The little puppet doctor, Bill Frist, looks hapless. He wanted to end judicial filibusters. That did not happen. Frist does not control the Senate. And, he let down the theocrats. This is not good for his political aspirations.

Will there be some judges appointed who we despise. Yes.

But, in the long run, this forces the White House to think differently about the Supreme Court. That seemed to be the message from the gang of 14, most notably Lindsay Graham who said as much during the press conference.

Still processing...but those are initial thoughts.

John's doing Dems TV so anxious to get his input, too.

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