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More Ohio GOP Coin-Gate Shenanigans

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The scandal that keeps going in Ohio...well, it's still going.

Today's Toledo Blade reports that the Governor finally ordered an investigation. He's "fed up" according to his spokesman.

Uh-oh, though, the Governor's people told the mastermind of coin-gate and major GOP fundraiser/Bush Pioneer, Tom Noe, about the investigation in advance...and guess what?....he wouldn't let them do it:

State fraud investigators, ordered by Gov. Bob Taft to “execute a complete inventory” of all rare coins owned by the state, were barred yesterday by Maumee coin dealer Tom Noe from beginning the inspections.
Democrats are stepping up the criticism and the pressure:
“Why don’t they just tell the truth?’’ replied state Sen. Marc Dann, a Democrat from suburban Youngstown who has emerged as the leading critic of the state’s investment in rare coins.

Mr. Dann questioned why state officials would tell Mr. Noe’s attorney anything in advance of an inspection.

“It is consistent with what my fears are, which is putting the same people in charge of the Republican money machine in charge of the investigation,’’ said Mr. Dann. “If they gave notice to Mr. Noe’s lawyers, that is criminal. If those lawyers are nervous today, what stops them from tossing the investigators out?”
Also, the State Auditor, Betty Montgomery, and Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, are conducting separate investigations:
The Ohio inspector general’s office is investigating, state Auditor Betty Montgomery has announced a special audit, and the secretary of state’s office is scrutinizing Mr. Noe’s campaign contributions to GOP statewide and legislative candidates.
Both are running for the GOP nomination for Governor next year. And both are beneficiaries of Tom Noe's political largesse.

Ohio really is a cesspool...a corrupt GOP cesspool.

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