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Kerry Smacks his own state's Married Gay couples

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Thanks to Patrick O'Neill for pointing us to today's Boston Globe article which reports that while in Louisiana, John Kerry bashed gay marriage in his home state. This is ridiculous:

US Senator John F. Kerry said yesterday that he believes it's a mistake for the Massachusetts Democratic Party to include a plank in its official platform in support of same-sex marriage, saying that such a statement does not conform with the broad views of party members.

Kerry, who opposes same-sex marriage but supports civil unions, said in an interview with the Globe that he would prefer that the party not mention gay marriage in its platform, because Democrats continue to disagree on how to handle the issue.

''I'm opposed to it being in a platform. I think it's a mistake," Kerry said shortly after hosting a forum on his universal children's healthcare bill in Baton Rouge. ''I think it's the wrong thing, and I'm not sure it reflects the broad view of the Democratic Party in our state."
Maybe if John Kerry would take a stand on an important social issue, his stature might increase....and, for crying out loud, Masssachusetts already has gay marriage. Hundreds of gay couples have been married. And John Kerry doesn't think the Democratic Party should support their rights?

Note to John Kerry: you didn't lose because of gay marriage. Maybe if anyone understood your position on Iraq, things would have turned out differently. (I voted for it before I voted against it???????)

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