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John Kerry needs to go away

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I've had it with this jerk. He was a lousy presidential candidate, couldn't find a consistent positio non the Iraq war if his life depended on it, and now the only consistent message he's been able to find post-election is to bash gays.

Note to Kerry: Go away. You were a crappy candidate, a milquetoast Senator (Kennedy always pulled your weight, anyway), and now you have the nerve to weigh in AGAINST gay rights in your own state? Grow a pair, buddy, then come back and we'll talk.

If you dare run for president again, I'll be telling the world loud and clear that I voted for John Kerry for president, before I voted against him.

From the Human Rights Campaign's press release:

WASHINGTON - The Human Rights Campaign denounced the statements of Sen. John Kerry yesterday, who called the decision of the Massachusetts Democratic Party adding support to its platform for same-sex marriage equality "a mistake."

"The Massachusetts Democratic Party is simply affirming the reality that 5,000 same-sex couples and families are stronger and more secure today because of marriage equality," said HRC President Joe Solmonese. "As a husband, father and a long time supporter of the gay community Sen. Kerry should understand the importance of the stability and security that marriage provides to all families."

A recent poll by the Boston Globe showed that statewide, overall support for marriage equality is at 56 percent, with only 37 percent of residents opposing. The same poll showed that 71 percent of Democrats, 53 percent of Independents, and 35 percent of Republicans all support equal marriage rights.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who is up for re-election in 2006, has also stated his strong support for same-sex couples right to marry.

In addition, several other state Democratic parties have adopted resolutions supporting marriage equality including New York, California, Washington, Iowa and Colorado.

"The majority of voters in Massachusetts, and the overwhelming majority of state Democrats, support treating all families equally, and we welcome the support of state parties across the country," said Solmonese. "The fact is that as more and more political leaders and organizations evaluate this issue-in red and blue states-they will come to the same common-sense decision, marriage is good for all families."

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