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DOD Web site jokes of Christian crusade against Muslims

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UPDATE: I'm bumping this post up, I think this is important and indicative of the much larger problem we have in our military, our leadership, and with the Arab world. Didn't want it lost as a Sunday post. Thanks, JOHN

A clever AMERICAblogger sent me the following link to the US Department of Defense's own Marine Corps Web site. It shows a photo taken May 5, 2005 in Iraq. It's a photo of a US tank dubbed the "New Testament" - the name of the tank is written across its barrel. The even funnier part is that this photo MADE IT PAST military censors and the DOD Web page with the photo on it even brags about the name "New Testament" in the caption. So some jerk at the Pentagon knew exactly what this was about and found it funny enough to put on their Web site, and it passed various level of review. Lovely.

Why does Newsweek hate America?

Check out the barrel on the tank.

Here is the caption page from DOD's own Web site about the photo:

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