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The Congressman Sherwood Saga Continues

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Wow, this thing just keeps on giving. In today's episode, the spurned 29 year old lover of married Republican Congressman Don Sherwood, one of Pennsylvania's finest, confesses her feelings to the Associated Press:

In a telephone interview Tuesday, Ore said she met Sherwood at a Young Republicans meeting in 1999 and that they had a relationship that lasted over the years.

"For me to start to go back to that day is very painful to deal with all the suffering I went through," Ore said. "I loved him. He always told me he loved me and I believed him."
As my colleague Angela says, "Nothing says love like a good choking."

We also learn today's episode that Congressman Sherwood doesn't want to talk about this anymore:
Sherwood did not want to discuss the complaint Tuesday, said Jake O'Donnell, his press secretary.
Stay tuned.

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