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The Abu Ghraib saga continues

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The shocking aspect is not that Lynddie England is claiming she was oxygen deprived at birth (though if that was the case, what does this say about the people in our armed forces?) but that so much attention continues to be focused on her. Why is it that despite similar stories at Gitmo and Afghanistan, mysteriously nobody at the top is guilty of anything? Oh sorry, I forgot that there was a reprimand against Brig. General Janis Karpinski who was clearly the mastermind of this global program.

It's an interesting coincidence that Karpinski and England are both women and are being shouldered with so much of the blame in the media. It's also probably well noted in the region that the one person in the US forces who is receiving the harshest possible sentence (death by lethal injection) for crimes committed in the region, is a Muslim.

Looks like the old boy network is alive and well in the US military. A real bang-up job once again on the PR front as well.

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