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Yet this man is allowed to marry and have children

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From: michael souza
Subject: Nobody
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005

Do you realize that really no one cares about homos. You fools are not equal to someone like me. After all I married a woman & had children the old fashioned way w/out some dr. Frankenstein playing god or mother nature. After all I can't see what good the homo community does for society.

1st of all you clowns are a divisive force in society. If you would just stay in the closet people wouldn't bother you. After all I don't have to organize a straight pride parade. I served in the military & know how disruptive homos can be to the cohesiveness of a unit. After all if you are gay won't you be checking out men in the shower & making the hedrosexual feel "uncomfortable".

The fact that you clowns claim bringing a civil rights movement that equals what black people went through in the 60's is a riot. Most Americans can't understand what makes you want to wake up w/ the same sex. the polls that say otherwise were probably the same polls that had Arnold losing in the CA. gov. race, or Bush losing to Kerrey.just leave staright Americans alone & quit being so militant. You are starting to put "normal" Americans on the defensive. Marriage is between 1 man 1 woman. Always has been & always should be. If homosexuality was normal as me & my wife then you could pro create on your own. The fact that a defense of marriage act was passed in every single state it was brought to should tell you that most American reject normalizing your deviant behavior. Take care by by now

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