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Note to Apple: Wanna buy an ad? :-)

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We've got a big audience these days, and lots and lots of our visitors are not happy with Microsoft at all. It would be the perfect time for Apple to buy an ad on this site, or across the progressive blogs actually. How about a Premium ad, guarantees top placement, pitching Apple's commitment to diversity, and noting how diversity of choice in technology (Mac vs. PC) is a good thing :-) And sometimes it's even good for society at large.

This ad space is available on 4/27/05 :-)

PS The Mozilla (FireFox) people ought to be paying attention as well. Here's your big chance

PPS or PSS I'd also have no problem whatsoever reviewing one of those new Tigers. Already have an iPod mini and, other than the fact that my earplugs are already pulling apart after 3 months, I love it.

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