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Is it safe to be gay in America anymore?

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I have a really sick feeling again. It's the same way I felt after the election. It really doesn't feel safe to be gay in America.

The radical right wingers have a bloodlust to enact their agenda. The GOP believes gay-bashing is a winning strategy. The Democrats are cowering over the gay issues. Sam Brownback told D.C. not to give us any rights. Mayor Bloomberg is trying to have it both ways too. He appealed the gay marriage decision.

Microsoft has abandoned gays in Washington State.

Okay, we did win in Connecticut. Kudos to the folks up there. Mike Lawlor and Andrew McDonald did a super job, but even there, they had to insert language precluding gay marriage.

It just doesn't feel safe to be gay. We have a new Pope who spent years refining his gay bashing. He says we have disorders. And the Catholic hierarchy here in America goes right along with it.

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