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GG move over, we now have Bill Gates

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Drama queen, much? He had to hire extra bodyguards to protect himself from the vicious queens. What, did we threaten to blow dry his hair?

BILL Gates (above) is the richest man in the world — but he's paying a price. After "a number of threats on his life," Gates has hired a cadre of bodyguards to protect himself, his wife, Melissa, and their two children, we're told. The threats have escalated since Microsoft unexpectedly pulled its support for a major gay rights bill before Congress. Gay rights activists say the powerful company caved in to right-wing fundamentalists. On Tuesday, Gates attended Michael Milken's annual forum for the rich and successful at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, which had to accommodate Gates' 10 bodyguards. A rep didn't return calls.
Hat tip to Good As You.

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