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USA Next plans on running more ads

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Nice scoop for E&P:

Meanwhile, in an interview with The New York Times that will appear this weekend in the Sunday magazine, Charlie Jarvis, director of USA Next, reveals that in a few weeks his group will begin running ads “that very specifically and aggressively brand AARP for what they are, the planet's largest liberal lobbying organization. When they are honest about that, we will take a large number of their members away.” AARP has 35 million members.

The ads, he said in the interview, would involve TV, radio, Web, direct mail, e-mail, and phone alerts.

He said he could not think of a single positive thing to say about AARP's goals and that “they don't really know the facts about an issue like Social Security.”

....Jarvis previously worked for Focus on Family, which has dubbed SpongeBob SquarePants a promoter of homosexuality. “I call him Sponge Robert Square Pants,” Jarvis quipped, “because I don't know him well.” He added that his two sons lean to the left and he has had “knockdown arguments” with them.

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