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Now that Jeb Bush is in trouble, suddenly the GOP supports the rule of law

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GOP congressman Curt Weldon was just on THIS WEEK with Stephanopoulos, and he started defending Jeb Bush. Jeb is under attack from Terri Schiavo's family for not helping save Schiavo in these final days. Weldon said that he's not sure Jeb has the power under Florida law to do anything to help.

Oh really? Suddenly "the law" matters to pro-Schiavo republicans? Funny just a week ago they had no problem passing a new "law" to GIVE THEM the power to do something. Now suddenly they're not so thrilled about using Congress to help out. Just a few days ago, Jeb even tried, reportedly, to send in the troops to nab Schiavo. Why not do it again? If this is truly a matter of life and death, to hell with the law, right? I mean, that's what the republicans and their religious right buddies have been telling us for a week now.

And what about President Bush? Where is he? He can send in the National Guard or the troops to get Terri Schiavo. Sure, it would be akin to declaring martial law, but hey, this is the culture of life we're talking about, and anything goes with this administration so long as their heart was in the right place. If this is about the evil activist judges (or "inactivist judges," as Michael in NYC calls them) breaking the law and refusing to save a poor woman who's being murdered, how can Jeb and George now refuse to stop it?

Sounds to me like Jeb and George took a look at the polls and are now getting cold feet. Apparently, the culture of polling means more to them than the culture of life.

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