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Kettle Vs. Pot: US Chides Iraq On Its Human Rights Record

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The irony is so thick here, I'm just gonna play it straight. In its annual roundup of human rights abuses from around the world, the US details the abuses of the interim Iraqi government, which include torture, rape and illegal detentions. Needless to say, none of these charges include the abuses of the US soldiers in Iraq, just the Iraqis. (Imagine them sorting it all out: "Hey, Ahmad, did you sodomize that 17 year old kid or was that me?")

Of course, this Congressionally mandated annual report doesn't detail the abuses by the US government either here in our country or anywhere else around the world. Obviously, it never occurred to anyone that we would ever be part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Sadly, there is virtually NOTHING we detail being done by other countries that the US cannot be justifiably accused of doing on some level as well.

Finally, look at the countries who come off as among the worst in this roundup: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Jordan. How can you be spreading freedom when your staunchest allies can't even respect basic human rights in their own countries? And of course the countries that aren't responsible for a catalog of sins are the very allies who have distanced themselves from us: Canada, France, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Japan and the people of Great Britain, to name a few. Sad.

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