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It's All Jeb's Fault Now

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Yesterday, the NY Times ran a piece that pretty much proclaimed Jeb was a huge beneficiary of the Schiavo politics.

Today, the New York Times has an article with a different take:

Governor Bush, who has become a particular target of the protesters' scorn in recent days, has said that he has done all he can under the law. Advisers to the family were openly hostile to him on Saturday.

"Governor Bush has stopped taking our calls," said Randall Terry, a longtime anti-abortion activist and an adviser to the Schindlers. "But we have not given up hope for a miracle."
We also learn from the Associated Press that according to her father, it's all Jeb's fault (with updated link, thanks Lloydletta):

Bob Schindler also pleaded with Gov. Jeb Bush to intervene by taking temporary custody of their daughter while court challenges are argued.

``With the stroke of his pen, he could stop this,'' Bob Schindler said. ``He's put Terri through a week of hell and my family though a week of hell. I implore him to put a stop to this. He has to stop it. This is judicial homicide.''
So, it's Jeb who is putting them through hell....hmmm....that's not the way this was supposed to play out.

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