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House Democrats up the ante on GannonGuckertPlameGate

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Okay, now THIS is what real congressional action is all about. It's about fighting back. This is great.

House Democrats say they will force a vote in the House Judiciary Committee to put the Republican majority on the record with regards to investigating discredited White House correspondent Jeff Gannon who allegedly had access to confidential information, including a memorandum naming CIA operative Valerie Plame, RAW STORY has learned.

The procedure, called a Resolution of Inquiry, will be directed to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and departing Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, senior House aides say. Ridge has jurisdiction over the Secret Service, which is responsible for presidential security; Gonzales oversees the FBI, whose databases are used for criminal background checks.

The resolution requests all documents on how Gannon was personally cleared and repeatedly allowed access to the White House. It also calls for any information the departments have on White House policies about how an applicant would go about getting clearance in general....

The Judiciary Committee will then have fourteen legislative days to decide whether to demand all records from the respective agencies relating to Gannon’s credentialing be turned over to Congress.

If the Committee does not vote after fourteen legislative days, the resolution goes to the floor for a vote of the full House.

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