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God, I love wingnuts

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This is choice. The far-right nuts are saying that David Brock's media watchdog group is associated with George Soros. Not that there's anything wrong with that, we love Soros. And we'd LOVE to be associated with George Soros, if any Soros funding people are reading. :-)

What's so damn funny, and sad, about what the right is now doing is that they're claiming David has links to Soros because, get this, his organization has gotten help from MoveOn and other groups that Soros has given grants to. Yeah. So? Now they're trying to claim that David lied when he said he hadn't received any money for groups affiliated with Soros. Well he hasn't. Groups affiliated with Soros would be his various grant-making organizations. But just cuz one group accepts grants from a Soros organization hardly makes them a "Soros affiliated organization."

And in the end, who cares. I hope George Soros ends up giving David a LOT of money. He deserves it. And hopefully he'll give the rest of us a lot as well. The right-wing can try to make George Soros the bad guy all they want. It's what they usually do. Take the biggest threat and demonize him (e.g., Michael Moore, John Kerry, Hillary and Bill, and now George Soros). The best thing to do in response is shrug it off and embrace the people they hate. After all, I can't think of a better resume builder than that right wingnut groups think you're a bad man.

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