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FOX's John Gibson becomes latest conservative to say marriage isn't about love

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I'm simply amazed at how many conservatives don't think marriage is primarily about love and commitment and becoming one with your spouse. Oh no. To conservatives it's all about screwing and shooting out babies. Perhaps this is because they were beaten to a pulp if they had sex before marriage, or even masturbated, so the fixation on marriage being all about screwing your wife is perhaps understandable. Still, I find the entire thing rather distasteful, looking at your wife as little more than a baby factory.

But that certainly is the way marriage once was. It was about women being barefoot and pregnant and shooting out babies. Love was not a prerequisite - hell, it wasn't even in the picture in all those societies, like the ones my grandparents grew up in, where their marriages were set ups. They were economic deals the parents worked out for the dowery and the chance to have grandkids. To hell with spousal love. And to hell with marrying someone who didn't adher to your particular faith (including your particular version of your particular faith - i.e., no Catholics allowed), and forget about marrying someone of another race. We don't need any brown babies in our happy conservative family, thank you very much.

So, yes, FOX News and all the other uber-conservatives are right. Marriage wasn't about love, it was about kids and property and money and the man's ego. Oh, and by the way, none of the property or money ever belonged to the women, even after the husband died. I had to study the rights of women through marriage over the centuries in law school, became somewhat of an expert on it. And the woman got nothing for a very long time.

I do find it ironic, however, that it's gay people who keep trying to remind the straights that marriage is more than a legal and economic contract, and it's about more than just screwing your partner (literally and figuratively). It's about love. It's about finding that special someone and bonding with them for life. It's spiritual. And hopefully it's magical.

But to far-right bigoted conservatives marriage isn't about love and commitment at all. And you wonder why the divorce rate is at 50%.

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