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WorldNetDaily savages GannonGuckert

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Jesus. One of the best, BEST, stories ever about GannonGuckertGate and what it means, and why it matters, comes from one of the most - MOST - conservative pro-Bush news sources on the Internet. This guy spells out exactly why this is a story. Exactly why this is so outrageous. And note, his column doesn't even criticize us, the liberal bloggers. It is pure and simple an article about how outrageous Gannon's and Talon's AND THE WHITE HOUSE'S actions were in this entire affair.

These guys are one of the top right-wing news sources. Now, for them to savage GannonGuckert and Talon News/GOPUSA is downright wild. It suggest to me that either WorldNetDaily actually has some scruples, and/or that they are scared shitless about the potential damage this scandal is causing and/or will cause the administration.

I have to say, I was impressed by the piece - it's written by the founder, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily. I have never been a big fan of theirs - I've been known to call them WingNutDaily - and have always just assumed that they were yellow journalists like FOX and the rest. I'll give them another look, to see if the editor is being truthful when he says they want to print the truth, no matter who it helps or harms. I'd like to think that's true, and am impressed by what he wrote (I'd actually like to meet him, maybe he's on the up and up, ideological differences aside), but sincerely hope it's not just an attempt at White House damage control.

Anyway, GannonGuckertGate is clearly getting the right's attention. And isn't it sad that even a top conservative new source does a better job of presenting this story and implications than the mainstream media. Never thought I'd say it, but two points for WorldNetDaily.

Who knows why this symbiotic relationship succeeded for as long as it did? Perhaps Gannon-Guckert knew something about people in the Bush administration. Or, perhaps some inside the Bush administration knew the truth about Gannon-Guckert. We may never know the full truth....

However, what the political activists pretending to be journalists never understood ? and still do not understand to this day ? is that you can't fool everyone....

There is no substitute for good journalism. There is no substitute for seeking the truth. There is no substitute for upholding high ethical standards. There is no substitute for fierce independence.

What the pretenders did backfired. They have hurt their own ideological cause more than they know. They have tarnished the image of the administration they championed. They have undermined the cause of the responsible New Media and the free press in America.

You might remember the two-year fight WorldNetDaily waged to become credentialed by the Senate Press Gallery. Meanwhile, an activist organization ? pretending to be a journalistic one and ensnared in personal scandal ? pranced into the White House and secured access to the president of the United States.

It raises serious security questions. It raises questions of propriety. It raises questions of judgment. And it raises questions about the role of a free press in a free society.

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