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We now have proof that the AOL profile is of JD Guckert

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1. The AOL profile belongs to AOL screen name jdg17:

That address makes clear that the AOL screen name is: jdg17
In AOL terms, that translates to an AOL email address of

2. jdg17 is JD Guckert

According to Guckert's own fraternity, is in fact his email adress.

3. A lot of things are still unresolved, such as whether Guckert is in fact Gannon. If he is, I'd like to know more about that AOL profile. Let's just say it doesn't look like the kind of photo some pro-family-values reporter would post.

But there is something more. According to the minutes from a meeting of Guckert's fraternity, he was sighted in May of last year in the White House briefing room, as a reporter. This report is unconfirmed, but adds more fuel to the fire in terms of linking Guckert and Gannon - unless there's a JD Guckert who was given a White House press pass last May?

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